SMC Vortex Red Clutches - #35 Chain 15T #35 Two

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Pit side advantages:

  • Vortex springs are naturally more accurate. Blueprinting is not required.
  • RPM adjustments are simple. Just relocate spring ends into another hole.
  • RPM adjustments are fast. There are no spring heights to set.
  • RPM adjustments are precise. All six springs apply perfectly identical loads.
  • There are no air gap limitations. You get more races between rebuilds.
  • Maintenance and repairs are easy. Say ‘goodbye’ to your clutch re-builder.

Professional performance and heavy duty parts:

  • Vortex torsion springs for mechanical efficiency
  • SMC Roller Levers for mechanical efficiency
  • New anti-wobble sprockets
  • New lightweight drum
  • New 12 tab clutch disc
  • New high strength steel drive hub