About EFR

Our team is made up of over 125 years of racing experience across more than 15 divisions of auto racing. The goal is to use our racing knowledge to educate young racers and their families on the importance of being environmentally responsible while perfecting our sport. Race facilities across the U.S. should join this initiative to recycle waste (i.e. tires, oil, plastics, fuel, etc.) while eliminating earth contamination (i.e. track prep additives and tire chemical treatments) as Young Racers set the stage for a potential career in racing.  

Karting will be the focus of our 'Young Racers' initiative. The Cline family is constructing a brand new Karting facility to be completed in 2014 housing an 1/8 mile dirt oval, 1/2 mile paved road course, and 1/8 mile asphalt oval. Our joint efforts will provide a family racing environment and an opportunity for all auto racing enthusiasts to get their start on a racing career or life hobby. Help us in placing Jonesboro, Arkansas on the map for our Environmental Friendly Racing initiative for all auto racers alike.