GXC-420-00 Billet Steel Rockers

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1.3:1 GX200 / Clone Billet Steel Rocker Set
Replaces the stock rockers with 1.3:1 ratio billet steel rocker arms, heavy duty billet steel rocker studs, lash caps, rocker pivots, adjuster nuts, set screws and a billet steel guide plate.  The Standard rocker ratio is 1.05:1 so these add considerable lift at the valve without changing the cam.  A great combination with the DJ-1047 retainers, DJ-1056 springs, and a DJ-1110 cam.  Further recommended valve-train upgrades would be stainless steel valves and our new tubular HD pushrods.

To use stock-length pushrods, you must mill down the rocker-stud bosses in the cylinder head, otherwise, extended-length pushrods must be used with these rockers.